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Fresh Tamales
Fresh Tamales
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  • 1 16oz lard or vegetable shortening per 5lbs of masa.
  • 1 level tblsp baking powder per 5lbs of masa
  • 8oz broth (can be beef, chicken, or vegetable;
    or choose water if you hate flavor)
  • 2.5lbs uncooked meat per 5lbs or masa
  • 4oz red chile powder
  • 8oz corn husks
  • Optional: pickled jalapenos, carrots, olives, or other vegetable;
  • Note: 5lbs masa = 2.5 dz tamales


  1. Prepare husks by soaking in hot water until they are soft. Place heavy object on top to weigh down husks.
  2. Cook meat: boil with 1 garlic bulb, 1 whole onion, salt, pepper, and a bay leaf, then shred; or dice and saute in a large pan. Allow to cool.
  3. Mix lard, salt. baking powder with the idea of incorporating air into the mixture. After this is fluffy, fold in masa and half of the chile powder.
  4. Taste the masa mixture. If necessary, adjust flavor by adding chile powder or salt.
  5. Slowly add liquid until the masa is like thick cookie dough. Work slowly! Your masa may require less or more than 8oz to achieve the correct texture.
  6. Spread masa evenly on husks. Add a thin layer of meat and any other fillings you choose. Fold husks closed. If your tamale is too full to close, then lightly daub a second husk with masa and fold it over the tamale. The masa will help it “stick.”
  7. Place roughly 2″ of water in a tall pot. Use a steam tray to line the bottom, or invert a small colander and place it on the bottom of the pot. Arrange tamales on top of the steam tray/colander so that the open side is up.
  8. Steam for about 1 hour.

Are they ready?

When the corn husk cleanly pulls away from the tamale. they’re ready! They will still be fairly soft. but will firm up as they cool. Eat immediately or refrigerate for refrigerate for up to six days. Yes! You can freeze your tamales cooked or uncooked. But we suggest freezing them uncooked so that, if necessary, your leftovers can be frozen without any loss of quality.